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Daily Prompt: Panic

via Daily Prompt: Panic

This is new to me this Daily Prompt on WordPress….Todays Prompt is….PANIC

 I think it will be fun so here we go!



I never think that Panic is good and if you think about it you pretty much always have time to respond…..sooooo….


For example, when you are driving….and someone or something happens in front of, behind or around you….



Crazy you say?  Well think about this for a moment….don’t panic, I will explain…..:)


So, ok think about this…..an accident has happened in front of you and you slam the heck out of your brakes and lock up the wheels….ABS and everything…..


Now….what are you doing? Sliding……skidding…..maybe even spinning by now…..

How far have you been sliding and skidding?


IF, you Don’t Panic…..you can use that time that you would have been sliding and skidding to assess the situation and react accordingly.

Believe me….IF you are paying attention….

There is always time….







That was fun…..I will do this again on the next Daily Prompt….. :)









The Who & Cafe Dufrain….Tampa FL

Yesterday 4-15-2015 my customers went to Cafe Dufrain and The Who Concert in Tampa FL.

They had a blast at both.  They had not been to Cafe Dufrain and neither had I. The menu looked excellent and they stated it was indeed excellent. I will have to take my wife there sometime soon.


They also said The Who came through with an awesome concert playing almost 3 hours.  They played all their popular songs and had cool graphics on the jumbo screens.  Roger Daltry and Mr. Pete Townsend and their drummer Zak Starkey did not disappoint bringing the intensity one would expect from The Who.


Zak Starkey, is Ringo Starr’s son…Ringo Starr was one of Kieth Moon’s closest friends (Mr Moon was The Who’s original drummer). Kieth Moon gave Zak Starkey a drum kit at the age of 8 and referred to Kieth Moon as “Uncle Kieth.” Wikipedia article >>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zak_Starkey

I am 55 and a former drummer. I fashioned my drumming style after Mr Kieth Moon and I never knew this about Zak Starkey….it is very cool for me. I thank my customer last night for peaking my interest as she told me she thought Zak Starkey was Mr. Ringo Starr’s son and that he was awesome on his drum kit. Here is a photo of Mr Starkey on stage with Mr. Roger Daltry.

Zak Starkey&who

When I picked my customer up at the end of the night I asked if she needed any cold beverages….her response was…..no thank you, I am happy and she proceeed to tell me about the night and how great it was.

Simply, Awesome

My night was also



The WHO! In Concert @ Amalie Arena Tampa FL

Yes! It’s The WHO in Concert! 

Right here in Tampa Florida!

Amalie Arena

April 15th, 2015 @ 7:30pm

Joan Jett opening act!!  

Be Safe! Don’t Drink & Drive!

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