Daily Prompt: Argument

via Daily Prompt: Argument



I personally do not like to have an argument

I guess some might say and it may be true that an argument can bring results and can also bring others to an agreement and or a new reality.


I understand this

However, I do not like the feel or the process of an….



How about you?

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Argument

  1. Daily Prompt: Argument. Lance! Is that all you have to say about this? Maybe we should have a heated discussion? :-) Nah. I don’t like arguing either. I’ve spent most of my life avoiding it. True, sometimes good results are obtained. True, the process is painful – but I think made worse when one or both parties are listening-to-reply instead of listening-to-learn. It seems that arguments in today’s climate are more about the other being wrong than either of us being right. And, since there is no “let’s not take it personally” to creatively solve issues, it Inevitably becomes a one-sided acusatory and escalating my-voice-over-yours shouting match. No wonder I don’t like to argue.

    1. I agree…..but I would still like to have an argument with you about it to see where it goes! lolol

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